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Yes, we know!

Sales in the aviation industry can be tough!

From our experience in helping aviation companies sell more of their products and services,

Aviation is different.

  • Prospects are smarter.

  • There are fewer of them for very specific products & services.

  • They are very well-protected from gatekeepers.

  • They expect a smart and easy sales process that respects their time.

At the same time, it takes a LONG TIME (and a lot of handholding) for large ticket or complex sales to close.

This is your invitation to try

- at no risk -

a sales training solution

that is designed by and for aviation sales professionals.

Paula Williams

Aviation Sales & Marketing Specialist

John F. Williams

Aviation Business Consultants

“it's great to see what others are doing, what they're trying. It's nice to be in an environment where you can not only share success stories but you can get feedback on why something didn't work so well. ”

Pat Lemieux

C & L Aviation

“This program is worth every penny.””

Gene Clow

Great Circle Aircraft

““I like the interaction. You've got people that are experts in certain aspects of aviation. You can utilize those expert opinions and advice on what you should do next.”

Doug Goldstrom

Special Services Corporation

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Aviation Sales & Marketing Insider Circle

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Aviation Sales Basics Course

  • Be comfortable and look like you belong in any sales setting (trade show, sales presentation, online, etc.)
  • Confidently and effectively handle inbound sales calls.
  • Create a strong first impression and quickly build rapport with a new prospect.
  • Use LinkedIn for prospecting.
  • Use other social media effectively as part of the sales process.
  • Successfully make connections at trade shows.